Strategic PR

You get:

  • Situation Analysis (including SWOT, internal & external environment analysis)
  • Target audience research and evaluation (opinion polls, focus groups, interviews)
  • Strategy and tactics development (including activities timetable and budgeting)
  • Development of communication plan  (3 months to 1 year)
  • Implementation of communication plan
  • Evaluation (sales analysis, opinion polls, interviews)

Media relations

We offer:

  • Wide database of international, national and local mass media
  • Informative, effective and attractive press kits (press releases, fact sheets, biographies, backgrounders etc.)
  • Thorough and prompt media monitoring
  • Turn-key press events (press conferences, press tours, round tables etc.)

External PR Campaigns

You get:

  • Turn-key PR events
  • Publicity solutions (case stories, interviews, participation in TV/radio shows, etc.)
  • Image campaigns (through mass media, WOM, social media)
  • Charity programs development and implementation
  • Sponsorship advising
  • Advising and participation at co-branded events

Internal Relations Solutions

LHI provides consulting and participation in the following internal PR activities:

  • Electronic Communication (E-mail, intranet, blogs, social media tools)
  • Print Communication (Corporate magazine, newsletter, desk drops)
  • Events (Corporate meetings, briefings, conferences, trainings, team buildings, sport events)
  • Image products (Organizers and stationary, presents and souvenirs, photos and awards)