Partner search for SYMA, in cooperation with S-GE

Project: Partner search for SYMA, a Swiss producer of exhibition stand systems. Invitation of potential partners to EuroShop ExhibitionDusseldorf, Germany
In cooperation with: Switzerland Global Enterprise
Target countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan
Dates: December 2013
Project details: LHI provided the client with a verified list of potential business partners in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and has invited the promising contacts to meet the client at the international exhibition in Dusseldorf.


Partner search and meeting program for a Swedish company

Project: Partner search and meeting program in Almaty and Astana
In cooperation with: Sotres
Dates: December 2013
Client: Markslojd
Project details: LHI has scanned the Kazakh market for supply and demand tendencies, prices and segmentation in the given sector. After that LHI has compiled a list of potential partners and arranged meetings with the most promising ones in Almaty and Astana.


LHI trade advisor talks on business opportunities in Kazakhstan and CA on a conference in Terrassa, Spain

Date: October 23
Venue: Terrassa Chamber of Commerce

Our trade advisor Ms. Alexandra Knysheva has made a presentation on business opportunities in Central Asia to the members of Terrassa Chamber of Commerce.

The emerging market of Kazakhstan with its stable and dynamic economic growth, rich resources and favourable business environment attracts more companies and businesses. Particularly, the growth of interest to this region is seen in Spain.

Ms. Knysheva has revealed the details of business potential of the region, explained opportunities and peculiarities of doing business in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

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