Doing business in Kazakhstan

Why Kazakhstan?

  • Growing middle class. The middle class in Kazakhstan is now a large and strong group like never before.
  • Stable political situation. Stability, peace and tolerance — the three major values in the course of the government. Kazakhstan is a secular state, it has two official languages – Kazakh and Russian. And it has more than 150 nationalities leaving together in peace for years and centuries.
  • Foreigner-friendly attitude. This refers not only to peace and security for different nations. It also involves attractive conditions for foreign investment – there are also no serious obstacles to import, to opening a foreign office, living in the country, etc.
  • Diversification of economy. For years oil and natural resources were the only mover of Kazakhstan economy. Now, when the course to diversification is set, there are plenty of new opportunities. The government is facilitating diversification and Kazakhstan offers amazing conditions for opening and expanding business in various sectors.
  • Public-Private projects. PPP are sponsored both by government and development banks (EBRD, World Bank, etc.): environment, medicine and public health, public transport, education, agriculture — almost in any sphere you can find strong support from the government.
  • The door to Central Asia. Entering Kazakhstan is the first step towards investigation and penetration of the attractive, though peculiar Central Asian markets without high risks.

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