Market Intelligence

Market research:

  • Crucial information about main market players; prices, supply and demand; sales channels;
  • Report and analysis of the interviews with competitors, end-users and potential partners;
  • Essential network list;
  • Trade advisor’s estimation, observations and suggestions.

Partner search:

  • General (Long) list of potential candidates with profiles, contacts and our comments;
  • Information about the potential partner / client;
  • Report on telephone interviews with potential candidates;
  • Estimation of motivation factors;
  • Short-list of candidates based on our findings and client’s recommendations.

Market monitoring:

  • Monitoring of upcoming exhibitions, tender announcements and other events of interest;
  • Monitoring industries for new business opportunities using both desktop research and local network;
  • Obtaining tender documentation;
  • Follow up.

Due diligence:

  • Information on professional conduct and business integrity of the potential partner;
  • Reputation check on top management;
  • Report on media coverage on potential partner, court cases, beneficiaries and other track records;
  • Analytical report on potential commercial and political risks.